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too early for muertos

gouache + ink on watercolor paper.
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Day Of The Dead

So after posting this elsewhere I have been receiving several comments and inquiries as to whether I accept commissions for tattoo design. To answer that question...

Yes, I do accept commissions for tattoo work. However, I do work with a specific look which can be limiting depending on the type of subject you want. Some things work with my style, some do not.

Another thing to consider is I am not a professional tattoo artist. Some designs look great on paper but on the skin may not make for a tattoo with longevity due to line intricacy and other factors. Longevity is key and should be discussed with a professional tattoo artist prior to moving forward with permanency. :)

If you're interested in commission work of any kind feel free to drop me a line @: beansandink@gmail.com

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