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Cup Kozy Collaboration

I was approached by some friends to do a collaborative design for their line of Kozy's. Anyway, it's been a lot of work, mostly on their end and they are now available for sale. They ran them in orange on black and orange on a heathery-purple grey.

I have a kozy of theirs and love it... saves trees, keeps my hands + drink warm and well, supports some very cool people.

I am very happy and proud of the outcome. It's super cool to see your art on swag, it really really is.

Anyway, this run is limited edition. They all come with a tag I hand signed and I only signed 50, so there you go.

If you want one, they're $9 including shipping and you can get one through their site at:

or on their etsy page
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big pimpin!

on sale at my etsy shop! beansandink.etsy.com
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